Spanish Food is a Culinary Delight

So, you are fed up of learning Spanish in an English language country with very few opportunities to practice multicultural knowledge. Websites are available now that let you finally use the Spanish that you learned in high school and college. You also have the opportunity to improve your Spanish conversational skills by immersing yourself in Spanish-speaking culture. Many websites allow you to search efficiently for the best universities or language schools in Spanish-speaking countries. You will also learn important facts about the countries so you can prepare for what lies ahead.

Spain is the best place in Europe to learn Spanish. There are many places you can visit depending on your needs and interests. However, one thing that will determine where you go is how much food you eat and what kind of culture it has.

Similar to the United States of America where you’ll find different kinds of food everywhere, Spain also has different food cultures that vary according to location, climate and history. Spain’s location on the Iberian Peninsula is close to the sea, making it a popular destination for seafood. It is easy to find seafood dishes like cod fish, octopus or shrimp. Spanish food is known for its soups. There is also a chilled tomato broth ( gazpacho), an authentic garlic soup called soupa de ajo and many other fish soups.

jamon (or ham) is a staple in Spanish food. There are two kinds of ham, jamon and hamon serrano. Jamon iberico consists of black Iberico pigs which are only from Spain. It is a Spanish food. Jamon serano is made with the most common type of pork and can be found in many restaurants across the country.

Spanish food includes chickpeas as well as garlic, olive oil and garbanzo bean. These ingredients are often used in Spanish cooking. They can then be accompanied with lamb, beef, chicken or other meats. Traditional dishes include a meal consisting of sausage, bacon, fish with saffron and rice (paella), bean soup (fabada soturiana), roasted lamb (lachazo Asado; Chullillas), and fried fish (parrillada). Some restaurants offer tapas and small portions with a variety of Spanish food. Spain is also well known for its wines, including Cava (nonalcoholic) and Ribiero. Regularly, wine and other drinks like beer, sangria or horchata (nonalcoholic) are served in restaurants along with meals.